Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minorities Now The Majority

national  Census shows whites lose US majority among babies

Census shows whites lose US majority among babies

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Census figures show that minorities for the first time now make up a majority of babies in the U.S. It's part of a sweeping race change and growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and predominantly minority younger people that could reshape government policies.

Preliminary census estimates also show that the share of African-American households headed by women - made up of mostly single mothers - now exceeds African-American households with
married couples, a sign of challenges for black youths without involved fathers.

The findings are based on the latest government data and offer a preview of final 2010 census results.

Demographers say the numbers provide the clearest confirmation yet of a changing social order, one in which racial and ethnic minorities will become the U.S. majority by midcentury.

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