Saturday, May 28, 2011

Staying Close to Home this Holiday








Traffic and the high cost of gasoline are two reasons a lot of people are deciding to take a "staycation" instead of a vacation. When the beach is your backyard, it makes the decision to stay close to home a little easier

GULF SHORES, Alabama - "We love the Gulf Shores beach area." That's one reason to stay close to home this Memorial Day weekend. High gas prices is another. Although gas prices are going down, they still play a part in where families are vacationing this year.

"You can't afford to go no where else," says Ron Emrich of Mobile. "You've got to stay close to home. It definitely hurts the economy and what people can do."

They even have a name for it, "staycation" and for folks living in Mobile and Baldwin Countys it's an easier decision to stay in your own backyard.

"Stayin at home. It's paradise why would you go anywhere else?" Melissa Parry lives in Baldwin County and won't be venturing too far from home this weekend. "The whole family, we love it here. I don't know why we would go anywhere else, with the gas prices we just stay right here."

They are also making other choices because of the economy. "We're going to the Y now. We are just staying local. We just stay at home and we can do things with the family without having to travel and go to the big tourists spots." But high gas prices, traffic or the economy won't stop them from one vacation this year. "It's a family reunion so we have we kinda have to go." 

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