Thursday, May 26, 2011

A New Domain Of Knowing

   One thing everyone wants is solutions to our problems, and since all most ever talk about is the problems and identifying which ones are more important than others, this essay is dedicated to solutions. Most importantly this essay is about our individual problems that we must face. Day by day, month by month our future looks dimmer and gloomier as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. If we don’t do something by and by the rich will live and the poor will die, doggone, the panic is on! Just kidding about that last part, but seriously a little bit of fear is good to not only keep you moving and to keep you motivated as a natural part of life. Happiness, sadness, fear, anger, etc. are all natural emotions of life and we should express them, as the right opportunity arises. Transmuting our energy from all these moods into different areas and projects can really progress us individually. While individually we are no longer recognized as (for over a century) sovereign entities in the eyes of the governments, corporations, and all other institutions, we must undo that. We must create a new space in which we can create infinitely! From the same level that a musician or an artist pulls their abilities from. A new domain of knowing will surely transform the human race into higher concepts of understating para-physical abilities and an expanded consciousness. The idea of individual rights/liberties were the new domain of knowing three hundred years ago, and today the internet is as such.The internet can even be considered as the greatest domain of knowing of all time because you can manifest anything you desire from it with the right input. Since the establishment is the main culprit here, we should (unlike them) prepare for the best and be mindful of the worst, not prepare for the worst and hope for the best because when you put focus and energy into something you actually help bring it about! A simple thought followed by an action is an example of personal manifestation. The ruling class (and elite); for centuries have prepared for war let look and see where it got them; into the pages of history not charging into the future. It's important to be mindful of evil (the ruthless elite in power), yet don't focus all your energy on it! Rather focus on yourself, your family, neighbors, community, state, county,  from the ground up not from top down.

     So how do the people in power view us from a legal stand point? Well, we are legally “dead” in their eyes, having the role of corporations not sovereigns because all law in America is corporate law (aka corpus juris secundum). The citizens and corporation have switched places! For example, when you get anything in the mail from an institution, whether it’s from the government, a school, a church, a business, a corporation anything literally accept for personal mail legally has to be addressed in ALL CAPS. And in legal terms ALL CAPS is recognizing a corporation that is not sentient. Upper and Lower case is legally recognizing a conscious sentient being. In fact, a human is legal terms is separated to a hue and a man, which is a colored man of which is legally known as one who cannot inherit land, and is a basically a slave. If you hire an attorney, your having that attorney represent you not present you. Meaning that he speaks on your behalf, and when you hire an attorney you are known as a “ward of the court”. The ward of the court in law terms means in infant or someone of unsound mind! So by legal definition if you hire an attorney you’re an idiot!

 Interestingly enough, in a law dictionary a human-being (in Black’s or Ballentine’s Law Dictionary) is defined as a “MONSTER”; “monster, a human by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land; An animal which has a conformation contrary to the order of nature.”So how can we change this? Well it’s not as hard as it seems, first we must recognize that they view us a monsters and couldn’t give a hoot about any of us. Second, we must start to do as much research on medicine, psychology, and history as possible to start to re-connect with our bodies, minds, and souls. Once you start to put this research of these topics, no doubt will that lead to not only sub-topics but also entirely new ones that influence the previous mentioned topics. Thirdly, it’s it crucial to understand why we don’t respect our planet, we don’t respect our neighbors, and we sure as heck don’t respect ourselves. Division is the reason! Religion has created more division than man-kind has ever known. Second is government, which fights every nation for supremacy and dominance (forever), thus creating division. Divide and conquer is the easiest way to gain control.

     Now where does division come from? It comes from a belief system. When someone asks what religion or political affiliation you stand by, most immediately say eg.“REPUBLICAN”! Or “CHRISTIAN”! When in point of fact, you become a part of the paradigm the second you recognize yourself as such. Versus, just simply saying I adopt or adhere to more republican and or Christian values, which separates you from the crowd, and yet you get what you want out of it. To clarify, not all republicans are for war, and not all liberals are for abortion. Therefore, why not put away pointless labels and tags? Why do we follow such illogical reasoning to divide ourselves even further than we already are? This is because we have a natural instinct to follow or jump on the bandwagon. For example: someone might say ”No one better say anything about eg.“REPUBLICANS” or “CHRISTIANS””; because then you will have a tendency to become angry and you shut off your [higher] brain, to actually have an open-minded discussion. Imagine you are standing in an elevator towards the door and just say you get off on a few floors up, but on the next stop there are a bunch of people waiting and they then join in the elevator but stand towards the wall opposite to the door, instinctively we will also turn away from the door just because everyone else is. Even though the door is the Only eventual exit! We must fight the programming internally, before we can ever hope to fight it externally. Conditioning, programming, and dis-information are rampant everywhere in all of our lives daily. From a teacher giving a lecture to the nightly news crew reporting the daily events, each teacher and each news reporter not only has their own spin/bias but each institution (or corporation) they are a part of has an additional agenda. So when we are taking any information in from any source that is not by our complete own research must be taken extremely lightly.

 While the grains of truth are there, I recommend ditching TV (cable) all together. The internet has all TV shows through free torrenz and tube sites (Hulu, Youtube, documentary wire, etc.), plus you have the a world library of infinite possibilities (of learning and researching anything you can dream of literally) so why pay to be brainwashed by television programming if you can’t really learn anything of any value? Since all of our structures and systems are compromised and compartmentalized (look that crucial term up if you don’t know what it means) we therefore, need to create new structures that are so fundamentally different it’s not even funny. Our biggest problem with our structures (education, military, government, religion, media, etc.) is that even if you are in said field for work you will only get so much information and knowledge about the job and how to do it. Imagine if you understood what was being kept from you at all levels of the company or higher positions in government etc. For example, under the guise of “national security” our government can deem and piece of information as classified, secret, or top-secret. All of which information, no one outside that specific field (cleared for that info) will ever know, that is until years later when the information is irrelevant.

 Imagine a social structure in which we all had close to the same amount of knowledge, but all still remain individuals with our own thought processes and points of view. How could we create such a new social structure? By first breaking all paradigms of control, this can be easily achieved if we just ditch the mine is “better, bigger, and faster than yours” attitude. Next, to actually begin to construct our new structure, we must use the ALL-knowledge principal to have us all start out equally with the same information right as it comes. By everyone having all knowledge available and seeing the same thing but with different viewpoints, not just each having narrow views of the whole and compartmentalized viewpoints (aka talking points) will be the cornerstone of this new proposed structure. A holographic structure if you will. Such a structure cannot possibly fail because if one is taken-out another can easily rise up in it’s place making little or no difference if one part is removed. All of our pyramid (chain of command and compartmentalized) structures are failing because decisions are being made by the few and not the many. Once the many gains control again and we move away from a chain of command we will be free. Being a servant to someone higher than you and only knowing a portion of the “truth”, will be all but extinct in this new structure. Collectively as soon as possible, we need to start to build this new structure in place of the old failing ones for every paradigm. To do this, we must take all of your support and energy away from the failing structures and put forth your efforts into consolidation of this new holographic structure.

     Help spread the word about the failing structures and paradigms of control and then mention that it does NOT have to be that way. Only because we put up with it, is the reason why it still is prevalent. Inform others that we have the power to create a new social structure that is incorruptible and that will take in to account the total equality of all men (and women) regardless of any belief, idea, or virtue. An incorruptible system, just imagine! Our emotions and thoughts are what make us fundamentally human so consequently, they both should be poured into this new system. Solutions come in many forms but after much thought, this is the only way to save humanity from certain doom in my opinion. Solutions I’ve heard are either; to try and work inside the systems so we can force change or to just not comply at all (boycotts, not paying taxes etc.). Both of these solutions won’t work for obvious reasons (because we can NEVER agree and not realize that both just can’t work in a prospering society) and to create this new structure we need the old ones intact to learn and recruit from. Also, we need the establishment to not be able to infiltrate this movement so while everyone is welcome to help create this new structure, we must have a strict code that will not let any potential agent provateurs mess up the structure is it’s early stages of planning and executing.

 So what do you think? How do you imagine the future with a so called holographic social structure? It’s all up to us, and once again it always has been. Asking questions and deep philosophical thought is required and we should want to be a part of something as awesome as being pioneers on a new frontier. Hey, it may not be like Luis and Clark (joking) but it’ll be far more important that anything we could possibly imagine for our futures and kids’ futures. Staying informed with as many sources from all types of mainstream, alternative, and personal media (books too!), spreading the word, not being afraid of the inevitable change, expressing unconditional love when possible, and engaging intellectually etc. is what we all need to work on a personal level. I see it, hear it, and know it that all these areas are in need of change desperately. We all must do our part, and remember to have persistence because when the goin’ get tough, the tough get goin’!

     The night is darkest just before the dawn, and I know deep down that very soon all of our paradigms will be tested on a mass global scale. Either we conform, or we dissent. If we dissent, we should already have a new structure to put in place so anarchy will not prevail. If we can do this and take advantage of the elite imploding the world into chaos so that we can bring about OUR new order we can have this order be like how WE want it to be. We should envision a new order for peace and freedom for all. We can set everything up, and why not? Do we even need a monetary system? Why not use free (solar) energy? Why not build water desalination plants; so all can have free water? Do we even need bureaucrats? We should start asking ourselves these types of questions because it’s really all up to us. What do we really need? What is essential for our lives to flourish and grow beyond heights we know of? Why not travel the stars and galaxy? What should be our destiny as a human race? I want to know all of everyone’s ideas and thoughts because only together can we achieve such ascension to greater densities and realms than this one of third dimension. Time is of the essence because you can always make another dollar, however you can never get a minute back! We must use our time wisely and always be mindful of our thoughts and surroundings. By doing so we are all ready beginning to create this new structure, which should be a structure of awareness, consciousness, and love. Why shouldn’t we get what we want out of life? Why shouldn’t we be involved and informed? Why shouldn’t we care about the condition of society we are leaving for our born and un-born children? What would they do in your position? What are you going to tell your future generations, when they ask you what you did to contribute to their futures and to the society (in which they will inherit)? We all have questions that’s our nature to be curious, and why not?

      The more we learn about ourselves, our planet, and way of life the easier we can change it. Solutions should always be in the back of our minds. While, it’s a whole lot easier to endlessly debate what is the bigger issue, we should be more focused on solutions to all these problems that we have. Solutions present themselves in our everyday lives, we just choose not to see it. Crucially, opportunity and chance are not the same things. Chance is not really choice but is cause and effect based upon your predisposition and prejudice. Opportunity is the real choice, when given the choice to act we must act! The will to act, is all to rare these days so encourage others to be courageous and speak when you don’t agree with them. I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it! In conclusion, I have been wondering when will humanities window of opportunity begin it’s transition into something more. Perhaps, it has already begun. Perhaps, all the social, political etc. dissent is paving the way for such a grass-roots collective structure to be formed. Now is the time to wake up and to become aware of that which surrounds you and decide if it is good enough, or is the “more” worth desiring it enough to commit to attain it at all costs. It is time to move out of this repetitive series of experiences and to experience life as it is intended within perpetual movement, not repetitive circles of karmic glue. For that is the only way to remain devoted with no recognition in a society that thrives on attention and quick gratification. We must always remember that subtle energy is powerful and powerful energy is subtle! Solutions, so these are mine, what are yours?

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