Friday, July 1, 2011

Tuscaloosa McAlister's Deli vying to win Facebook 'Tea Town USA' contest

McAlisters-Tea-Town-USA-contest.pngTuscaloosa is in the running for the title of McAlister's Tea Town USA -- and lots of cash for their local nonprofits.

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- T-Town is Tea Town USA... well, it could be. Tuscaloosa is in the running for a title that seems to fit it quite well.

T-Town is currently at No. 7 in the contest to become McAlister's Tea Town USA. Another tornado-ravaged town -- Joplin, Mo. -- is thousands of votes ahead at No. 1.

No other Alabama town is currently in the Top 10, though Huntsville currently ranks at 13, Auburn at 21, and Prattville at 23.

McAlister's Deli is sponsoring the contest to award money to local nonprofits named by McAlister's franchisees in the Top 10 point-scoring towns. Each town can rack up points through votes, special challenges and smartphone check-ins via Facebook.

Here is the prize break down:

  • First: $7,500
  • Second: $5,000
  • Third: $2,000
  • Fourth: $2,000
  • Fifth: $2,000
  • Sixth: $1,000
  • Seventh: $1,000
  • Eighth: $1,000
  • Ninth: $1,000
  • Tenth: $1,000

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