Saturday, July 2, 2011

No burn ban: Does that affect my barbeque grilling?

MONTGOMERY, AL-You're getting ready for the Independence Day weekend. The steaks are marinating and the ribs are ready to go on the grill. But wait a minute. There's a statewide no burn ban in place. Is that going to douse your 4th of July grillathon?
We did some checking with the Alabama Forestry Commission to break down the ban and, pardon the pun, get to the meat of the regulations.
The AFC's regulations allow for barbeque fires but there are stipulations. It's okay to start a barbeque fire, but it MUST be in a charcoal grill or masonry barbeque pit, including large barbeque pits used by civic organizations.
Anyone grilling or barbecuing during the Drought Emergency should have water hoses on site to prevent any loose sparks from setting a wildfire, a circle at least 10 feet wide around the grill should be cleared of any burnable material. Side fires to generate coals for a barbeque must also be within a grill or masonry pit.
AFC regulations have no problems with gas grills.
Follow the regulations to prevent a wildfire or you could get 3rd degree burns in that oh so sensitive wallet region. If you're found guilty you can face up to a $500 and six months in jail.

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