Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Heart of Dixie News Blog……..The News with a “Southern Accent’

There’s a new Blog on the WEB.  Starting Monday July 04, 2011 I will begin to publish a new and exciting online news site, complete with essays, commentaries and breaking news Headlines. International, National, Regional and local  news of interest will be the standard fare.  Well I’m sure there will be a somewhat conservative slant on things…don’t you think?  I really enjoy writing and bringing interesting stories and items to light to the Public.  Especially Important news…. that’s too often left out of  the mainstream media outlets. 
Heart of Dixie News provides International, National, Regional and Local News with a conservative “SOUTHERN” Accent. We provide the THE NEWS that is not spoon-fed by the mainstream media. We try to write and publish News stories with links that are interesting,informative, important and central to you and your Family’s Daily Life. Now there are hundreds of political pundits out there using a lot of big words to say something…. My aim with this blog is not to pander to the elites, the pundits, or the so-called experts. Sometimes that means pointing out something that others didn’t say or said in a way that it doesn’t stand out. Sometimes it just means explaining things the way an average American would understand. I’m not an expert and sometimes experts are wrong: dead wrong.
Why do this? Because I’m just like you, an average American and what the experts think doesn’t always coincide with what the average American thinks. Besides, who trusts the media and their experts these days? I know that I certainly do not! So…get ready here it comes, a new and exciting way to read the news and hopefully we will all have some fun in the process.

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