Friday, July 1, 2011

Little League Battle Could Be Decided in Court

(MOBILES, Ala.) The Little League World Series- it's the ultimate dream for 12 year old baseball players. A dream these kids may not have a chance to experience.

With a ton of talent, the Westside Park All-Stars have the potential to represent the country in the World Series, but off-the-field controversy could bench the team.

The International Little League Organization says Westside failed to split its team into two divisions before the season -- a mandate Westside says they never received. Now the kids are paying the price. 

"It was, like, really devastating and you're, like, why do people do this to us?" says Josh Lewis, Westside Player.

"They are 12 years old and they don't have a very loud voice in this, so we as parents are having to speak up," says Ashley Kuhr, Parent.

Kuhr is one of dozens of parents who launched the "Let the Boys Play" campaign after the All-Stars were banned from post season play.

The battle has now landed in court.  A Mobile Judge issued a temporary restraining order allowing the Westside All Stars to begin district play next week.

But, we still don't know what the court's final decision will be.  Team officials will return to court next week.
Parents for "Let the Boys Play" have set up an account at Regions Bank for donations to help pay for legal fees.

The Westside Little League won the Southeast Regional Championship last year.

If they win this year, they could advance on to play in the nationally-televised Little League World Series

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