Sunday, July 3, 2011

America's Fattest and Thinnest Cities

MSN news has ranked the fattest and thinnest cities in the U.S.--with some surprising results. Most of the fattest cities in the country are in Texas, and most of the thinnest are on the West Coast. An F grade is on the fattest end of the scale and an A grade is on the thinnest end of the scale.
The Heaviest Cities:
Ranking City State Grade
1. Corpus Christi Texas F
2. Charleston W.Va. F
3. El Paso Texas F
4. Dallas Texas F
5. Memphis Tenn. F
6. Kansas City Mo. F
7. San Antonio Texas F
8. Baltimore Md. F
9. Houston Texas D-
10. Birmingham Ala. D-
The Leanest Cities
Ranking City State Grade
1. San Francisco Calif. A+
2. Burlington Vermont A+
3. Washington, D.C. A
4. Seattle Wash. A
5. Austin Texas A
6. Albuquerque N.M. A-
7. Portland Ore. A-
8. Cincinnati Ohio A-
9. Denver Colo. A-
10. Aurora Colo. B+

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