Thursday, June 16, 2011

The U.S. Government is Waging Genocide on The Poor and Middle Class -- How You Can Fight Back!

Brennan Browne
Our government is engaging in a systematic genocide against its own people. The evidence is overwhelming as an increasingly inhumane--psychopathic--political agenda is now embraced by both parties and fostered on every level.
The latest egregious lie/manipulation force-fed to the American public via its rabid elites, is that due to a monstrous deficit, we at the bottom of the economic pyramid must tighten our belts, stop whining and be grateful for scraps and rags, while the rich engage in evermore garish, irresponsible spending sprees financed off the backs of the [former] middle class and poor. Anyone believing the deficit is the real reason behind stripping social safety nets from the powerless, and denying the populace a living wage, also believes the deluded excuses behind treating every innocent American citizen as a criminal due to the "War on Terror." In reality, the deficit has been caused by a long history of cronyist corruption. A system which siphons trillions of our tax money into the pockets of insiders who remain hidden and unaccountable to the citizens forced to keep them afloat.

The solutions to the deficit are obvious for politicians who honestly desire to eliminate the debt. Instead, it's being used as a ruse to enact laws which will result in the destruction of America's most vulnerable citizens.
If every corporate tax-dodger enriching their bottom line with multi-billion dollar freebies courtesy of the bottom 98% were forced to pay their fair share, and their never-ending pipeline of taxpayer subsidies were permanently shut off, the deficit would be erased in short order. Likewise, drastically reducing our imperialist war chest would propel us into a generous surplus, freeing up money for everything from universal health care to quality K thru college educations for every citizen. Pouring money into repairing our nationwide crumbling infrastructure would create millions of high paying jobs and bring our economy back to post WWII prosperity.
Instead, we've been placed on the road to perdition. Led by corrupt, heartless, greedy, self-serving lunatics, blaming those they are victimizing, and totally incapable of empathy, as they take pride in inflicting personal devastation and death on the less fortunate. Gluttony not only reigns supreme among our leaders, but the arrogant, homicidal contempt shown for the working class poor is at an all time feverish pitch.
Consider the following, which will directly result in the literal, physical demise of millions of individuals:
~ Legislation supporting union-busting; dragging us back to depression-era wages, as the cost of living skyrockets. Further increasing corporate exploitation and corruption
~ Rollbacks to our already brutally low -- unlivable -- federal/state minimum wages
~ The stripping of employee benefits in the private sector
~ Proposals to obliterate child labor laws which will be used to inhumanely exploit kids and further degrade and/or eliminate jobs and decent working conditions for adults.
~ Rampant mortgage fraud committed by banks, exacerbating widespread homelessness
~ Denial of extended unemployment benefits
~ A nationwide trend of businesses refusing to hire the unemployed
~ A reduction in food stamp assistance contributing to massive increases in hunger
~ Catastrophic cutbacks across the board, to social welfare programs which help keep the elderly, physically challenged, school children and infants fed, housed or able to afford medications
~ A non-existent health care system for the working class poor/and former middle class
~ The cost of medicines so outrageously overinflated that none but the rich can afford them
~ Legislation poised to gut or completely eliminate Social Security and Medicare, which will result in the deaths of millions as their only source of income and paltry medical assistance is ripped away
~ A continuing mass exodus of American jobs to foreign lands, which are never coming back
Stay tuned for more of the same...
The politicians behind these nefarious actions -- fascists, psychopaths, liars and bullies -- fat with cash stolen from their constituents, are rigging local, state and national elections as they invite their favorite corporate masters to write legislation and pass greed-driven, anti-democratic, unconstitutional laws behind closed doors.
Education has also been targeted. The dumbing down of the population as a direct result of bastardized, propagandized, politicized and largely worthless, unaffordable education, thanks to government cuts, misdirected mandates and corporate/religious interference, assures our nation's children will be heavily indoctrinated into an ask-no-questions, authoritarian, pseudo-theocratic [ based on perverted, Godless doctrines], clonescape. Critical thinking is being beaten down; is already highly suspect; and is rapidly becoming a crime. A populace unable or unwilling to think for themselves is one easily controlled and led to slaughter.
Mainstream media spews lies with impunity as they happily regurgitate the radical neo-fascist fantasies of the lunatic fringe and refuse to investigate and report any story which might be considered unfavorable to our corporate run government. "Journalists," the majority of which are spineless collaborators full of self congratulatory hubris, and suffering from delusions of integrity, have, more than any other group, facilitated today's police state.
While our country's infrastructure is imploding and an expanding homeless and jobless population starves, the bulk of our tax dollars continue to be massively diverted in order to fund global violence abroad and a militarized surveillance state at home.
We "useless eaters" according to the Ayn Randized disciples in the upper echelons, deserve nothing but contempt for our pathetic economic impoverishment. It never occurs to them that if their 'host' -- the 98% who allow the top 2% to engorge themselves off of our beleaguered backs -- no longer exists, the parasites at the top will die.
They fan the flames of outrageous hypocrisy by blaming those they victimize for being too lazy to get off unemployment; or too used to the pampered life -- collecting cans, giving blood and waiting in line at the local food bank to make ends meet, before it's home to the cardboard box beneath the crumbling overpass. Damn socialists! How dare they expect the same level of treatment that the Congressional millionaire's club receives by awarding themselves, annual, automatic pay raises [regardless of need, performance or their overloaded wallets from whoring on behalf of corporate vampires]. The gold standard health care and multitude of freebies and perks paid for by the little people are not privileges for these VIP's -- they are RIGHTS. It only becomes red-baiting "socialism" when the disenfranchised working class cries out for the same considerations.
Completely insulated from the results of their cruel, compassionless political decisions, we who are without social standing and find ourselves outside the elitist realm of big money and its influence, are at the mercy of sanctimonious hypocrites who crow about democracy and patriotism, while prancing around with American flag pins tacked to their chests, simultaneously wiping their rectums on every tenet within the Constitution and loudly proclaiming their mighty pro-freedom stance.
One such person now occupies the White House and appears to believe himself "progressive"...hailing from a background as a Constitutional Law professor. Obscenely indifferent to his past occupation, he continues to ignore and ramp up the speed with which our country's money hungry leaders are eating its citizens alive.
For good measure he has declared himself judge, jury and executioner to any American he considers an "enemy combatant." A label that cuts a wide, dangerous and nebulous swath, which forthwith, will easily be applied to any one of us. Can we go much lower than someone who taught the U.S. Constitution to his students, defending its principles publicly to the world, only to later impose clearly murderous, despotic and indefensible methods upon those he declares enemies of the state?
Psychopaths are in control of our nation and have been for decades -- from the White House to every State Capitol across the country.
Obama is intent on carrying the baton of George W. Bush who fiddled as he systematically finalized burning America's social safety net and individual freedoms, giving unfettered power to corporations and performing no less than a political coup d'├ętat in creating a Unitary Executive Branch. Filling the Supreme Court, DOJ and the rest of law enforcement with those who share his insane political and religious ideologies, while the Grand Inquisitor of mental instability, Dick Cheney, acted as mastermind. 'Functional' insanity means never having to say you're sorry. Such emotionally bankrupt monsters occupy an empty shell where their own personal goals remain of paramount importance and the suffering they cause is simply a monumentally delightful side benefit. The destruction of others means nothing to them whether it be from waging wars by blowing innocent babies, children and women to pieces in the most cowardly ways possible -- via indiscriminate, joystick-justice, carried out by drones -- or by systematically denying food, shelter and medical care to millions using poisonous legislation to get the job done.
Every 4 to 8 years we are presented with a new face in the White House who prepares the way for yet another barrage of laws giving themselves more power and furthering unrestrained cronyism. The disenfranchised citizenry are forced to swallow their rage at a completely unaccountable system of governance, by which massive corruption and corporate-driven genocide is rewarded. Meanwhile, displaying courage and integrity gets one incarcerated to a growing number of secret prisons on American soil specifically reserved for whistleblowers, political dissidents, peaceniks, environmentalists, animal rights activists or those who generally believe that the Bill of Rights applies to them and actually attempts to exercise those "rights" -- naive creatures.
Every 6 years we see a symbolic rotation of individuals, who, by the time they arrive as millionaires to their Congressional seats, have [or their privileged families have] successfully manipulated our system of corporate welfare to increase their wealth to obscene levels. Having bought themselves a golden ticket to continue suckling at the teat of already desperately depleted taxpayers, for an interminable length of time--some for 50 years or more--they are there to perennially reinforce legislation which serves themselves.
Realizing that you cannot mediate, collaborate or in anyway compromise with an enemy devoted to your destruction -- and come out alive -- is the first step in saving oneself. The focus must shift away from what you cannot control to what you can. The purest and most effective form of civil disobedience against the psychopathy of a fascist state is to rebel on a personal level. This requires becoming as independent as possible. Lifestyle choices, far more than political movements, facilitate real and immediate results.
How You Can Fight Back
The following strategies will successfully empower individuals to fight the tyranny of governmental greed, indifference, abuse and control in our lives:
~ Set a goal to eliminate all personal debt as soon as possible. Debt is enslavement and affects every other area of one's life.
~ Bank with credit unions or small institutions and keep away from the big boys, e.g., B of A, Wells Fargo, etc.
~ Maintain a minimum balance in your account, use a debit card and have one fee-free credit card reserved for emergencies only. Stay alert for predatory fees and confront the bank when you spot them. Threaten to close the account unless the fees are waived. [I have personally done this and it works.]
~ Consider putting large amounts of cash in unconventional places since A) banks are robbing their customers thru predatory practices B) they pay no interest C) they have the power to illegally freeze your funds WITHOUT cause [This has happened to me.]
~ Live off-grid if at all possible. This eliminates exorbitant utility rate hikes, puts you in better control of your water supply and its quality [if you choose to live in isolated areas] and minimizes intrusive government oversight in myriad ways, i.e., permits, building inspectors, codes and ordinances which are often not required.
~ Grow organic vegetables to reduce skyrocketing food costs and ensure consumption of quality food. Container gardening makes this possible even for apartment dwellers. You can also join a community garden in your area which will rent plots for a minimal cost.
~ Consider leaving a corporate job for a simpler, green, self-sustaining lifestyle

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