Friday, June 10, 2011

Rapture backed by Scripture

 Wetumpka, Al.-Regarding Rev. Rick Mason's recent column about the rapture, it is not a new notion that an unnamed English lawyer thought of 200 years ago. The idea of the rapture is older than Genesis. He says that rapture-believing Christians misinterpret 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. Compare this to Daniel 12:1-2 and see if the rapture is only a 200-year-old idea.
The idea of the rapture, being "caught up" or "snatched away," comes from the Hebrew word "natsal." This word is often associated with the Hebrew wedding traditions. After the betrothal process of the bride to the groom, the groom would go and prepare a place (bridal chamber) for the wedding to be consummated (John 14:1-3).
In the parable of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25, he correctly interprets the word "apanthsin." However, he incorrectly interprets the parable. The bride does not escort the groom to her house, the groom calls out the bride and escorts her to the bridal chamber. The special "dignitary" on this day is the bride. The idea is that Jesus will come part of the way and call with the shout of a trumpet for his bride to come out to him.
The day of the rapture is not something that should be feared but rather seen as a day of mercy. Believers in Jesus will be judged on this day and receive their rewards. Non-believers will receive mercy by letting them know they have one more chance to come to Christ before the seven-year tribulation period.
Luke Garner, Wetumpka

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