Monday, June 6, 2011

Political Toadies and a Broken Down System

All the Statesmen are dead. The worst of society rise to the top of the food chain. Habitual liars run for civic office and the most skilled prevaricator gain seniority. The shyster class runs roughshod over the jurisprudences for the benefit of the enablers of the corrupt criminal syndicate. Alas, public meetings still start with the pledge of allegiance, but the words no longer have meaning – the Republic is officially dead. The emperor in chief needs no consent to wage war; he is above all sanction. Mourning over the corpse will only get you on the no fly list.
Celebrate with your other comrades and political lackeys, you won. The last of the free sovereign citizens are scheduled to report for a re-education camp. The only growth industry left is the incarceration compound. Coordination among private prisons, state and federal jails and FEMA complexes run on railroad time. Cattle car conversions with natural air conditioning should suffice, the sheeple always follows the leader. Mixing different breeds of animals in the same cage is kosher, in this "TC" environment. Make merry and rejoice with the privileged, they really know how to party. All ass-kissers have a place at this table. The screams of delight drown out the howls of the broken. The round table of loyal servants has no sharp edges. The establishment tolerates only uniformity. The government serves the corporatists and the banksters, while the masses pay tribute to the state. The raw order of sheer power rings from all the towers. That crack in the old Liberty Bell widens and the ringer removed so no one can hear the sounds of the past.
No need to be depressed, others are enjoying this replay in the joy of terror. No secrets are too insignificant, if it involves the privacy of the individual, while, no lie is too big to be repeated if it makes excuses for the police state. Ha, Ha, Ha, the joke is on you.
The last yes-men, a career GOP ‘pol’ of Whitewater scandal fame, former Rep. Jim Leach shows the bipartisan nature of the bootlicker.
"Leach represented a district in southeastern Iowa for 15 terms. As chairman of the NEH he has found it hard to leave politics behind. The NEH itself is of course supposed to be nonpartisan. In his capacity as chairman, however, Leach has become an Obama mouthpiece, courtier, toady, ninny, relentlessly promulgating the Obama administration line. Surely this is not what Congress had in mind when it created an agency to support the humanities."
What all these folks have in common is an ambidextrous ability to suspend righteous outrage and a fluid facility to survive by protecting the political system at all costs. Thinking and honest eyewitnesses of the betrayed constitution understand that the political culture is a root cause of our country’s demise. By today’s standards, Profiles in Courage, is a fairy tale. John F. Kennedy and the books scribe Ted Sorensen, are relics of an age long gone. Three of Senator’s acknowledged include:
• John Quincy Adams from Massachusetts, for breaking away from the Federalist Party.
• George Norris from Nebraska, for opposing Joseph Gurney Cannon's autocratic power as Speaker of the House, for speaking out against arming U.S. merchant ships during the United States' neutral period in World War I.
• Robert A. Taft from Ohio, for criticizing the Nuremberg Trials for trying Nazi war criminals under what Taft considered ex post facto laws.
The mores of the 19th and mid 20th century are foreign to the outlaws that hold office now. Crooks have always occupied public office. Yet, there are examples of men of character.
A contemporary of JFK was Richard Nixon. Neither men were saints; however, both fare well in comparison to the last four presidents. Nixon madly continued the Viet Nam disaster and his detractors would point to Watergate. However, he had the decency to resign.
The moral majority back in the heyday of Farwell and Robertson promoted a pro American viewpoint. Thirty-five years later, the gospel message of moral character is silent. Only the promoters of fundraising appeals and the accountant’s 501 C3 filings are preached from most pulpits. The Pharisees that populate the secular congregations are eager to send their heretical voices to lobby on K Street.
The Obama presidency is a frightening expression of New Age sycophants. The election cycle never ends, while the transgressions of each regime exceed the abuses of the last. The world is falling apart at the seams before our eyes, as the political class siphons off the final residue of authentic wealth. Everything is up for sale, especially your dignity and integrity.
Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama are simply rotating tyrants in a raging river posed to rush over the falls. None of these presidents were in control. The system is so entrenched in a fabricate despotism that most people are unable to emotionally deal with the prospects of a global gulag staring them directly in the face. They attempt to cope by perfecting their own denial. The inevitable bankruptcy of the paper chase financial fraud is too frightening to alter the collective behavior of society.
Allowing corporatists to dominate the economic landscape is a formula for feudal serfdom. When the Roman Empire ended, the barbarians were blamed, when the true cause was the implosion of an ingrained and corrupt imperial paper tiger. As our day of reckoning approaches, people want solutions. All they get is more debt piled on the insolvency of yesterday’s obligations. The elasticity of the balloon is about to pop.
When that time comes, the remaining audacious leaders, will hasten their own exit. However, there is no way out. The need for answers to save this nation is earnest, but is futile. As long as citizens condone or obey a broken down system, they exemplify the toadies that force their elite privileges upon the backs of the producers. If you really want answers, learn the meaning of the word NO. Raise hell, or be relegated by your timidity to the inferno of the Homeland.
With the death of Statesmen, all that is left are the Eric Holder’s, the Janet Napolitano’s, the Hilda Solis’ and the Jim Leach’s; and YOU. Look to yourself for answers, for real patriots give us justice.
SARTRE June 5, 2011 

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