Monday, June 6, 2011

The Illusion of Free Choice: Voting Liberal or Conservative in elections!
Author: Brian D. Hill
Left or Right belongs to the same body. Your left arm can punch the right arm all it wants to but they are both always going to be the same, connected to the same body, but under different labels.
Every time we vote we believe we can vote in someone better and someone who would not be a puppet or tool for the Establishment, the special interest groups, or the elite. Then we are either disappointed by the end of each presidential term or the president that starts speaking out gets assassinated in front of a crowd of people as a message to the world that leaders around the world have to do as they are told or be destroyed.
You are only given two choices usually for the candidacy for becoming a President of the United States of America. Democrat which is also liberal, or Republican which is also conservative. Also anyone who speaks out also gets applied these labels as well. Anyone who is not a liberal or conservative is usually not elected. The mainstream media covers and pushes the elections like it is a popularity contest.
So how is it even free choice when your only given two choices and both are puppets to the corporate fascist establishment? It is not as it is only the illusion of free choice. It is not free choice when you cannot get a third-party candidate allowed in the candidate voting popularity contest unless that third-party is also a pro-establishment candidate or tries to support the establishment in different styles but regardless, they still have to support the establishment or risk getting assassinated like John F. Kennedy.
That is why freedoms, rights, and civil liberties are being destroyed in the United States of America, because it has been compromised, hijacked, and infiltrated. I am not being paranoid just do research and you will find both Liberals and Conservatives have both wanted to take away individual rights until every citizen becomes a criminal or felon under thousands of corporate bought laws.
The people though are starting to wake up by seeing things getting bad under George Bush Jr., then things getting bad under Obama. The people are starting to see that it doesn’t matter who is in control whether it be democrats or republicans.
If you wish to break the illusion of free choice then start demanding more candidates being allowed to be voted for and that any average joe that wishes to become President has a chance to become President as a poor or average person is more opt to bring the United States into prosperity instead of a police state and corporate slave establishment. Start asking your friends or family questions such as “Isn’t it just an illusion of free choice that you can only vote in one out of two candidates?”, “Why has a third-party candidate never been elected?”, “Why does both liberals and conservative presidents try to push police state legislation?”, and “Are elections just a way to keep us distracted and thinking that a new politician elected will solve our problems when in reality we keep being disappointed?”
It is something we must all think about. Do we have free choice in elections or just the illusion of free choice in elections?

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