Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fairhope City Landfill Catches Fire, Some Locals Upset


(FAIRHOPE, Ala.) - The city landfill in Fairhope went up in flames Friday evening, and some residents are upset about the way it was handled.

The fire is out now, but the dump is still smoldering. Residents that live nearby said it's making them sick. "The smoke has been filling up my house. My kids, they have asthma, coughing. We're having headaches, sore throats, everything," said Jessica Baker, who lives nearby.

"We had been telling them, you know, that this landfill is hazardous to these people in this community," said Johnnie Chaney.

City leaders said a leaf and limb debris pile at the landfill caught fire due to natural combustion. They say the contents are not hazardous.

Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant and Councilman Rick Kingrea said they visited with residents in the community Saturday, to check on their needs.

If you live in the area of the city landfill and have any issues, call the city.

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