Saturday, June 11, 2011

Child Attacked By Dog In Andalusia

CBS 8 News is covering Andalusia where police say a 4 year old child is in the hospital after being attacked by her neighbor's dog.
Andalusia Police say the child suffered several wounds to her face and was life flighted to a hospital in Pensacola, Florida Wednesday. They say the dog was on a chain in it's owner's backyard when the child approached it.
The dog's owner tells us his 5 year old dog is not usually aggressive. Police say with animals, you can never be too careful.
"Sometimes neighbors mistakenly think well I know the neighbor so I know the animals but animals have a personality and minds of their own and they have good days and bad just like humans and you never know when you walk in to there what mood that animal may be in that day and could suffer a bite," says Mike Bowlan. 
The dog has been turned over to the city animal shelter to be monitored. The owner says he doesn't want the dog back

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