Wednesday, June 22, 2011

60 Arrested At Troy Univ. Fraternity Party

More than 60 were arrested at a Troy University fraternity party in the downtown square in Troy last night.
Alabama’s Alcoholic Beverage Consecution Board Lt. Thomas Price says the arrests were made around midnight at the Pines Restaurant for charges ranging from minor in possession, distribution of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

Price says more than 300 people were at the fraternity party.

“We usually hear about them the day after, but this time somebody did call and inform us when it first started, so we were able to come and assist and hopefully, we saved some lives and help some situations not get bad,” Price tells CBS 8.

Price says some of the party-goers tried escaping by going on top of the roof, and Troy Fire Department had to assist in getting them down.
Price says there were two managers at the party, and the ABC will talk to city magistrate about signing warrants.  

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