Friday, May 27, 2011

Ousted Asst. D.A. Says Firing was Unjust, D.A. Disagrees

(MOBILE, Ala.) With her attorney by her side, it was a slow march back into government plaza for former Assistant District Attorney Eucellis Sullivan.
"I was terminated from my job as an Asst. D.A.," she said.
Hired by John Tyson, Sullivan had spent last four years prosecuting all types of cases for the office, but LOCAL 15 News was there Thursday as she went back to clean out her desk after she says she was escorted out of the building earlier, just like the criminals she prosecuted.
"I was called into Ashley Rich's office and they informed me that my services were no longer needed, I was told that a letter of resignation was prepared if I wanted to sign it and I declined signing the letter, I was just shocked because I wasn't given a reason."
This is what the District Attorney Ashely Rich told LOCAL 15 News, "Since I took office she has lost seven cases and only won two."
One high profile case was that of Sandra Hocutt, Sullivan as chief prosecutor, tried Hocutt for shooting her husband and burying his body in the back yard.
Hocutt admitted to murder but said she did it in self defense. Sullivan lost the case when Hocutt was found not guilty.
Rich was elected as the Mobile County District Attorney in June. As the new DA, she says Sullivan's dismissal is part of what she was elected to do.
"The people expect me to put criminals in jail they expect the team I put together to put people in jail she just wasn't doing that that's all I have to say," Rich said.
"I believe I was more than competent, I have been in this officer for almost four years trying cases," said Sullivan.
A friend of Sullivan's made it clear to sources  that she was one of only two African-American Assistant DA's in the office and the only one who tried cases.When asked her if she thought her dismissal was racially motivated, she declined to comment.

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