Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fairhope Beach Under Swimming Advisory

 (FAIRHOPE, Ala.) With hot temperatures and a long holiday weekend ahead, shores across Alabama are a prime destination. Fairhope's beach is no exception despite warnings from the Department of Public Health. Tests cleared nearly all coastal beaches in the state for swimming, but not Fairhope.

Health officials say the bacteria levels are so high that contact with the waters puts swimmers at risk for illnesses. Many visitors to the beach did not see the posted swim advisory sign or find out about the warning until they had already jumped into the water.

"When we came in the gate, they only took our money," says Pamela Brown.

"I didn't see it. We were focused on the $8 sign, trying to see what we're paying when we come in," says Amy Tungett.

They and others say public health officials or beach workers should do more to notify visitors, including telling them before they pay at the entrance.

Dr. Dwight Yoder, an area pediatrician, says several common illnesses can come from swimming in water with high bacteria levels: ear infections, skin rashes, respiratory infections and more.

The illnesses can range from mild to severe with some even landing you in the hospital.

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