Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Teen Hides From Intruders in a Closet

(Stockton, Ala.) - The burglars didn't just break in, they rang the doorbell first.

When no one came to the door, that's when the burglars decided to bust in through the back door. Little did the thieves know, Tiffany Ward, 19, was upstairs getting ready.

"I was in the shower," Ward said.

Ward's dog, Sam, alerted her someone was there. Once she looked out the window, Ward knew something wasn't quite right.

"He was backing his car up to the garage," Ward said.

Ward ran back upstairs to her bedroom, called her mom and asked if anyone was supposed to be coming by the house to do some work.

"She said, no. Nobody supposed to be by there, and that's when I got freaked out because the guy, he looked scary anyway," Ward said.

Ward's parents were well on their way to Texas at this point. Ward was home alone too frightened to call 911. As her mother called for her, Ward hid her in bedroom closet with her dog.

"By that time I was really scared, and I could here them going back and forth. I guess that was them taking the TVs out," Ward said.

While Ward hid, she got on the phone with her stepdad Rob Raines.

"It's terrifying. It's terrifying. You're helpless," Raines said.

Just when Ward thought the experience couldn't get any more horrifying, she heard the men walk up the stairs towards her bedroom.

"They got to the top of the steps and just stopped. I don't know why they stopped. And they turned around. I heard them run down the stairs. They ran straight out the door, didn't shut it. Something spooked them," Ward said.

Ward's family is not taking any more chances. They plan to install an alarm and security cameras.

"It's frightening to know that somebody else this could happen to them, and they might not be so lucky," Raines said.

One of the intruders is described as a white man in his late 30's, early 40s with glasses and blond hair in a pony tail. The men were driving a late 90's model silver four door Honda Accord with a small spoiler on the trunk.

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